Founder: Nevzat ÖZGÖRKEY (1924-2010)


Founder of Özgörkey Holding, Nevzat Özgörkey was born in 1924 in Izmir. He started his career at a young age in the field of motor importing and trade, later serving extensively as the Aegean and Mediterranean distributor to Milangaz. Nevzat Özgörkey is also a founding member of Ege Biracılık and was a member of the Efes Pilsen Executive Board for many years. In 1967, he and his partners laid the foundation for today's Coca Cola İçecek companies by establishing Coca Cola's Izmir facilities under the name Imbat Beverage Company.

Özgörkey established a total of six factories: one in Antalya (1982), one in Izmir Kemalpaşa (1986), one in Işıkkent (1990) and two in Romania (1992-1993). From 1968-1998, he served as Vice President in companies focusing on all Aegean and Mediterranean operations for Coca Cola. Additionally, in 1992, he invested in plastics, one of Özgörkey Industry and Investment Holding, Inc.'s most profitable business ventures, later focusing on concentrated fruit juice investments in 1993.

Özgörkey is one of the founding members of the Izmir Equestrian Club.In 1997, together with his sons Cemal and Armağan Özgörkey, Nevzat Özgörkey established the Özgörkey Industry and Investment Holding, Inc., funded entirely by the Nevzat Özgörkey family.