Message from the Chairman

Since our founding, our main goal as Özgörkey Holding has been to operate in a planned and target-oriented manner, considering domestic and international trends to create our own trends and realise our ideals. This is the fundamental truth that the companies' success in today's competitive business environment are built upon.

Through the superior efforts and professional approach of our employees, the trust and support of our partners and the contributions of our clients, Özgörkey Holding is always prepared for changes in the market environment and competitive conditions.

We firmly believe that it is through our understanding and pioneering achievements in corporate administration, the assimilation of exchange programs and selfless teamwork that our group has achieved so much success in sustainable development, and we are certain that we will continue to do so. It is with this awareness that I express my gratitude and respect for your continued support as we endeavour to achieve our goals.

Armağan Özgörkey 
President of Board of Directors 
Özgörkey Holding A.Ş.