Our aim is to provide our clients creative and competitive products and services.

The foundations of our long-term success are flawless performance, focus on productivity, the embracing of new ideas with team spirit and continuous learning and development.

We are aware that these can only be realised through providing our employees, clients and other stakeholders with service that complies with the highest level of corporate values.


Compiled in accordance with our founder Nevzat Ozgorkey's principles and values, Ozgorkey Holding's values are the shared principles and attitudes which guide us in our daily professional lives, reflect our culture and orient our vision and objectives. 

Social Sensitivity: To support the company's and employees' contributions to society and the country's economy.

Honesty and Dignity: To always act in accordance with business ethics and discipline, be an example through honesty, openness and consistency. 

Sensitivity towards Domestic and International Clients: To create sustainable customer satisfaction by understanding the current and future expectations of domestic and foreign clients.

Team Spirit and Solidarity: To assume responsibilities to achieve shared objectives. For our personnel to feel a sense of belonging and work in harmony, and appreciation of the shared efforts and successes.

Dynamism and Hard Work: To spread positive energy and constructively influence the work environment through excitement and enthusiasm, achieve goals in a timely manner and develop suggestions for creating diversity.

Openness/Innovativeness: To follow new innovations and support development by taking part in new applications; to be innovative.

Self Confidence: To display one's own knowledge, skills and talents and be confident while reaching business-related results.