Adopting the principle of its founder Nevzat Ozgorkey “You should give the society what you receive from society.” Ozgorkey Holding acts in all its subjects of activity with the conscious of social responsibility and adopts fulfillment of its social and environmental responsibilities against the society in cooperation with its shareholders, employees, public and private sector organizations and institutions, non-governmental organizations and its other stakeholders as one of the fundamental elements of its management understanding. 

Nevzat Ozgorkey Fund, established for this purpose by Armağan Ozgorkey and Cemal Ozgorkey to support particularly education, health, sports and art, generates all of its sources from income of Ozgorkey Family

As of August 2015, the social responsibility activities going on under the umbrella of Nevzat Ozgorkey Fund, would be maintained under newly founded CEVSU Foundation. CEVSU would mostly focus on environmental problems and particularly act to help solution of the water problem threatening eco-system of our Earth and our future generations.