Our Human Resource Policy

Our human resources policies are determined in accordance with Ozgorkey Holding's vision, mission and business strategies. 

Ozgorkey Holding's approach to employment, departmental assignment and promotion is based solely on the individual's qualification for the position. There is no discrimination in terms of race, language, gender or religious beliefs. 

All strategies to do with planning, hiring and placement, work evaluation, training, salary appointment and fringe benefits, performance management, industrial relations and employee relations are applied in Ozgorkey Holding companies effectively. 

Ozgorkey Holding:
- Proceeds to recruit and develop candidates with the potential to carry their company into the future.
- Ensures that the identification, monitoring, cultivation and related applications in the companies are carried out effectively.
- Coordinates with educational facilities to aid in the training of suitable candidates.
- Accommodates the strengthening of communication between companies, within the company and interdepartmentally.
- Suggestions and requests from employees are acknowledged, responded to and motivation-increasing measures are taken. 

Ozgorkey Holding is responsible for all of its human resources applications proceeding in accordance with labour laws and regulations.