Our Values 

Social Sensitivity: To support the company's and employees' contributions to society and the country's economy.

Honesty and Dignity: To always act in accordance with business ethics and discipline, be an example through honesty, openness and consistency. 

Sensitivity towards Domestic and International Clients: To create sustainable customer satisfaction by understanding the current and future expectations of domestic and foreign clients.

Team Spirit and Solidarity: To assume responsibilities to achieve shared objectives. For our personnel to feel a sense of belonging and work in harmony, and appreciation of the shared efforts and successes.

Dynamism and Hard Work: To spread positive energy and constructively influence the work environment through excitement and enthusiasm, achieve goals in a timely manner and develop suggestions for creating diversity.

Openness/Innovativeness: To follow new innovations and support development by taking part in new applications; to be innovative.

Self Confidence: To display one's own knowledge, skills and talents and be confident while reaching business-related results.