Dear Business Partners and Stakeholders,
Dear Employees

Inspired by our founder Nevzat Özgörkey, we continue to create value for this country with our philosophy of Care for our Business, Care for our People, and Care for the Environment. This philosophy is the placed at the center of our way of doing business and constitutes the basis of our investments. We will remain committed to these principles in the upcoming years, while integrating them with innovation and change in order to serve our stakeholders more effectively.

We are operating in a new era, where production models change rapidly and new ways of doing business emerge. The impact of the corporate sector on the quality of life is under scrutinization and business performance is not only measured with financial results anymore but also with non-financial criteria. As Özgörkey Holding, we will work towards our vision with a people-oriented approach implemented through information technologies. We aim to design a sound strategy by evaluating the developments in the market with accurate data and increase the predictability of the environmental factors by implementing an effective risk management. We prioritize competencies of our people to create optimum value for all our stakeholders, while managing our assets in the areas of packaging, agriculture, real estate and financial investments.

We perceive all employees of Özgörkey Holding as our main capital, and the architects behind our success. We trust that it is our talented people, who will realize our objectives. In that respect, we rely on the combined skills and experience of our senior executives and young managers and employees. We will carry on with the principle of competence-based management, while remaining as a reliable business partner for our stakeholders. Committed to the goal of “Responsible Production and Consumption” we evaluate the outcome of our investments with environmental and social results along with the financial performance. In 2021, we made a significant progress in that respect in our companies with solid achievements.

Etapak has become the first-ever company in the flexible packaging industry to receive the Biosafety Trust Certificate. Our Sustainability Working Group carries out the strategic process to determine and measure Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related KPIs both for Etapak and Etap Enjeksiyon. Anadolu Etap, our Joint Venture investment with our esteemed business partner Anadolu Group, operates in line with Sustainable Agriculture Principles and discloses progress results through sustainability reports at GRI standards.

I extend my sincere gratitude to our employees, business partners and stakeholders, who accompany Özgörkey Holding in its journey to the future, while remaining committed to our values and embracing the change.

Sincerely yours,

Armağan Özgörkey

Chairman and CEO